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Daniela de Luna -
expressionism exhibition a poetic travel

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Daniela de Luna 


For our new exhibition we chose to exhibit Daniela de Luna a young and dynamic artist freshly graduated with a master from AVU (academy of fine art of Prague).

Connected with the nature and the world that surrounds her from her childhood, Daniela opens the door to a poetic travel of abstract art. In her art, she is led by spirituality and inspired by philosophy, psychology, science, space, music… Leading us and her to inner peace.

By discovering her art on Wednesday 18th of May you will not only discover her way to see the spiritual world but also the craziness that drives a lots of aspects of nowadays society.

She will teleport you to a reflection on your life helping you to relieve your burden and touching various other topics such as climate change.
The artist says that “ her work often reflects its immediate surroundings and its participation is publicly based on the resources mentioned in the various positions of inspiration, here on the planet and she thinks that in the lightness of the message it relieves the existential social burden in the color gray of us: homosapiens”.

Through her painting she will communicate with everyone, it’s up to you to open your mind to understand it. We are all really looking forward to let you enjoy this moment of spirituality in Zizkovziska Gallery.

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