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Afro funky party with ambassador of Czech afrobeat scene.

Let yourself be carried away by the unmistakable vocal of Carolina Mbaye and the dance grooves of her 9-member band.

Meet the intricate rhythms of West Africa with a straightforward funk energy.

Spiced up with a touch of roots reggae and the sound of dusty vinyl.

The music of Jamaica and the wind of Nigeria will blow your music.

Beware of sand in your eyes!

Lead vocals: Karol Mbaye 

Bass: Pablo Levy,

Drums: Marcus Jurkovič,

Brass section: Mája Bílá, Forest, Shimpi,

Guitars: Emil Novotný, Matěj Čašek,

& on keys : Petr Borovec.

Booking avails 

+420 739 285 254.

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