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January 2024 Exhibition 

Hugues mahoas & Olivier brut paintings.


Hugues mahoas :  
Embark on a visual journey with Hugues Mahoas, a distinguished French painter, illustrator, and author whose artistry beckons with a kaleidoscope of vibrant and colorful hues. Having graduated from the Applied Arts and Gobelins in Paris, Hugues earned acclaim for his role as an art director on beloved animated series such as "The Space Goof" and "The Pirate Family." Transitioning seamlessly into the realm of animated books, he crafted masterpieces like "Le Lion Bleu" and "Le Phare de l'Enfant-Algue." Beyond the animated canvas, Hugues Mahoas has fervently embraced the world of painting, weaving together landscapes and portraits of women with a distinctive surrealist, expressionist, and fauvist flair. His work, a symphony of color and movement, is an homage to the untamed beauty of the natural world, drawing inspiration from artistic luminaries such as Matisse, Gauguin, Kirchner, and Mucha. At the heart of Hugues' artistic expression lies an unwavering dedication to capturing the essence and elusive quality that elevates a painting to true impact. Women and the boundless wonders of the natural world serve as the wellspring of his creativity, manifesting in a unique and striking style that defines his body of work. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of Hugues Mahoas, where each stroke tells a tale of feminine splendor, color, and motion.

Olivier brut
Renowned French painter and cartoonist, Olivier Brut, breathes life into his canvas through the lens of Parisian allure and the feminine mystique. Having honed his craft at the fine arts school in his native Troyes, Olivier's journey led him to the heart of Paris, where the vibrant nightlife and bustling crowds became the heartbeat of his inspiration. Notably recognized for his contribution to the creation of the cartoon "The Space Goofs," Olivier has since evolved his artistic expression, delving into the realms of short films and the illustration of thriller and rock books. At the core of Olivier's distinctive style is a celebration of femininity that transcends conventional boundaries. Using a mesmerizing blend of oil and India ink, he sculpts elongated female forms that metamorphose into ethereal churches and cathedral towers. Adorned with fiery red hair and bathed in an ethereal white light, his creations embody a poetic dance of elegance and strength. Olivier's artistic odyssey is an ode to the theme of womanhood, expressed through his preference for elongated, curved formats reminiscent of stained glass—a captivating narrative that unfolds with each stroke of his brush. Join us on this enchanting journey as Olivier Brut's work led you to explore the profound beauty and grace within the feminine spirit.

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