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October 2023 Exhibition 

Kateřina Bykat Hybášková paintings.


  A Czech artist based in Prague, known for her captivating and thought-provoking artistic works.

She expresses herself mainly through action painting,which is a highly dynamic kind of art.

She loves to experiment with mixed media, creating collages and abstract art by using different materials and media.

Katerina was born in the Czech Republic in May 1988 and spent 9 years in Ireland, where she obtained a degree in Art and Graphic design. After another 3 years of adventure in Switzerland, she returned to her homeland.

Through her art, she poses questions and challenges traditional perspectives, encouraging viewers to contemplate their own experiences and perceptions of the world. Her artistic process is deeply intuitive, allowing emotions and the subconscious to guide creative decisions.
She embraces spontaneity and freedom, welcoming chance into her work..

Thematically, she delves into the complexities of human existence, the mysteries of the universe, and the law of attraction, challenging traditional perspectives and encouraging self-discovery. Kateřina Hybášková's art spreads messages of love, kindness, freedom, and courage, aiming to inspire positive changes, create a more harmonious world, and motivate others. Her work is vibrant, energetic, and full of vitality, inviting viewers on a journey of exploration beyond the boundaries of reality.

Kateřina Hybášková

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