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September 2023 Exhibition 

Luis Flores paintings.



Born in Colombia. He studied Arts and Music at Santa Monica College, and Film at the American Institute of Contemporary Concepts in California. He quit after two years and went to Europe where he studied Comics & Cartoons at Darmstadtschule in Germany.

He exhibited his works collectively and individually in Colombia, 
Germany and the Czech Republic. 

His influences are his Imagination. 

He uses Creative New ideas and different Realities from Life and from Classical art, Modern art and Contemporary new art.   

His style changes as he experiments through the times with different theories, techniques and ideas, developing new segments with oil and acrylic, as well as exploring digital arts, NFT, AI art, 
illustrations, graffiti, wood and metal sculptures, and photography.
Find his new works on Instagram: @florezarts (Florez.Arts)

HUMAN TOUCH PROJECT - a film by Désirée Gonzalo

This audiovisual project aimed to portray the variations of human touch and to spark a reflection on its power and implications. Touch is the most voluntary of all senses. When we open our eyes we cannot control what we see. Same thing with sounds. Touching is a vehicle for the voluntary non-verbal expression of emotions and/or the manipulation of bodies. Touch has multiple functions, motivations, and consequences, and can be bound to cultural and religious codes.

Touch is understood as an interaction either between two people involving at least two parts of their body coming into contact, or between various body parts of the same person, or between a person and an object. In most forms of human touch there is a sense of intimacy, where the personal space of the touched subject is trespassed with or without consent. Touching others often establishes a sense of closeness whether desired (love), permitted (medical), or inflicted (violence). Different forms of touch can evoke different emotions and physical sensations, e.g. pleasure, disgust, fear, surprise, tenderness, affection, desire, pain… Touch can be direct between two bodies or indirect if objects (e.g. ice, oils, feathers, gloves, knife, etc.) are used by one subject to touch the other during sexual interactions incl. BDSM, violent contact (weapons/fire), or during medical procedures. Also, touching oneself typically evokes less intense sensations than being touched by someone else.

We explored all these variables in short film sequences. Two actors performed 60 mute sequences involving various kinds of touch, communicating non-verbally to the viewer what is happening and what they are feeling. We used sounds, music, and colours to add detail to the sensations and emotions we wished to evoke in the viewer. Some sequences involving natural objects were shot outdoors but most of the sequences were shot indoors.


Désirée Gonzalo: writer, director, edition and post-production, sound engineering
Alicia Cubells, Sergi Teba: actors
Domin Universo: camera, lighting, edition and post-production, sound engineering, music
Joaquín Franke: camera and director of photography 
Cumbia Cooperativa, Bila Rocka, Die Ratte: music

Adult content only available to view through YouTube channels:

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